marți, 6 decembrie 2011

Stuff in my head

There is something quite magical about some things. I say magical because I don't fully understand why these things speak to people on such a profound level, without any aparent reason. Some things that make us feel in certain ways instantly.
Like how soothing fire can be.
I remember a few years ago, walking into this amazing church in Vienna. It's called Votivkirche and it's absolutely majestic. Somewhere inside was a huge table filled with tiny candles. I myself am not a religious person, but I stood there for about five minutes just looking at the little flames. The warmth, the silence and just the vibe in there gave me this deep feeling of being safe, like home, even though, if you look at the place, it's a little creepy.

It's the same with music. Listen to some sort of classical, or even choir music, and I just mellow down and feel like everything is fine.

Amazing how much past realities, like the link between fire and safety or home, are still very much alive in us.