luni, 9 septembrie 2013

So this is what it feels like - Iashington 2013

Last week went by so fast. I cannot believe it. It was intense, it was eye-opening, it was ... great. Most of all, it was unexpected. I went in with really really low exceptions, but everyone around me proved me wrong.
In the end I felt like home, and it was so strange having to leave.
Everyone I met there impressed me so much with warmth, with kindness, with acceptance and love.
I have been to many many conferences in my AIESEC experience, but this was so totally different, I feel like it needs its own category. Everyone was the center of attention, and the bonding was unbelievable.
I find it so hard to put this feeling into words. It was... our leadership journey :)
I like something my friend Paula told me during the conference, in one of the many amazing moments we shared: Full heart, clear eyes, no regrets.

Yesterday, after everything was over, after good-byes were said, I was walking through a shop, my head kind of absent, and a song started playing and I almost started crying in the middle of the store. It wasn't the conference song, but in that moment it became that for me.

I didn't cry though. I was telling my friends that I am not crying because there is absolutely no way we are not gonna see each other again. It's just a fact.